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Potential Homeowners

Sorry we ARE NOT currently accepting applications for our new home program.
Being a small, rural affiliate Fayette County Habitat for Humanity on accepts application when we have the resources available to build a new home. 

When we do open applications advertisements will be made on local radio, in local newspapers, and on various social media platforms. If you would like to be notified via email when our next application session is open and to learn other Fayette County Habitat for Humanity news please sign up for our NEWSLETTER.

Qualification Income Limits
The Area Median Income (AMI) of a family of 4 in Fayette County is $85,400 annually. These figures are updated annually by the U.S> Department of Housing and Urban Development. We serve potential homebuyers who earn between 30-80% of this Area Median Income (all household income included). This table is for reference purposes.
(Last updated: 
August 2023)












Equal Housing Lender



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Fayette County Habitat for Humanity give me a house?

    • No. However, if you meet the criteria outlined above and are accepted into he program, then we will invite you to become a Habitat homeowner and purchase one of our homes.

  • How are homeowners selected?

    • First, families hoping to apply for our Homebuyer Program must attend an information session. Afterward, families may submit an application.

      Our selection committee will schedule a home visit if your family meets the qualifications. After that visit, the committee recommends those who qualify for the program to the Board of Directors for final approval.

      Another key point is that all Habitat partner families must meet the qualifications to be a part of our program. For example, the total household income must fall between 30-80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) as show on the qualification income limit chart located here.


  • What is the first step toward purchasing a new home?

    • If you are interested in the Fayette County Habitat for Humanity homeownership program and have reviewed the requirements, the next step is to sign up for our newsletter so you will know when we will schedule our next informational session and accept applications.

  • Will Fayette County Habitat for Humanity run a credit check?

    • Yes. We will ask homebuyer applicants to submit financial documentation to us. Once this has been submitted, we will verify employment, check credit, and assess whether Habitat is an appropriate program for you.

      You are not required to have perfect credit, but Fayette County Habitat for Humanity must ensure that payments are made. Fayette County Habitat for Humanity does not check your credit score - we use the report's details to determine your outstanding debts (not including medical debts) and the payments you make.


  • What is Sweat Equity?

    • Sweat Equity is the time participants invest working alongside volunteers construction their home and support Fayette County Habitat for Humanity in the community. 

  • Is there anything else expected of homebuyers?

    • Yes! In addition to sweat equity hours and classes, we ask homeowners to share their stories. Sometimes we ask homeowners to talk about their experiences in the program or be featured in the media, but we always respect your privacy and wishes.

      Finally, we build community by asking you to meet neighbors, get involved in your community, and become a true partner to our program.

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