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Camp St. Cottages


Camp St. Cottages’ mission is designed to honor older adults by building a neighborhood where they can thrive—aging safely, independently, and with dignity and respect.


Camp St. Cottages will provide 10 rental units to be made available to senior residents 55 and older within the 30-80% AMI. Applicants must have resided in Fayette County for at least one year. Costs of the units will be on a sliding scale tied to the tenant’s income. Applications will not be accepted until construction is complete.


Amenities include off-street parking. Along with paved, interior walkways to encourage activity and/or exercise. A Fellowship Hall will also be available for use by residents along with a gazebo and lots of green space. With the Randolph Recreation Center close by, residents will also have access to all the programming and amenities it has to offer.

Fayette County Habitat for Humanity is raising $1,750,000 for the construction of our Camp St. Cottages project that will be operated in partnership with Combined Community Action. Construction will begin once 80% of funds are raised.

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