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Staff & Committees


Fayette County Habitat for Humanity has committees dedicated to helping our organization continue to grow to meet the needs of our community. Our committees are made up of board members, long term volunteers, and others members of our community who believe in Habitat's mission in Fayette County.

If you are interested in serving on one of our support committees please contact Kenneth Couch, our Executive Director at 210-816-0942 or at to learn more.

Family Selection and Support Committee:

This committee is responsible for selecting deserving families who will benefit from our housing programs. Your input will ensure we reach those in the greatest need.
Members include; Joanna Rogers, Evelyn Grant, Ashley Kubala, and Jill Stueber.

Fundraising Committee:
This committee focuses on raising funds to support our projects and initiatives. You'll help organize events, create grant proposals, and explore creative ways to secure financial resources.

Members include; Marissa Anderson, Dawn Givan, Khalil Coltrain, and Kenny Couch.

Construction Committee:

If you're handy with tools or have a background in construction, this committee helps plan and oversee the construction or renovation of homes.

Members include; Tom Elliott, Ron Langhamer, Doug Elliott, Joanna Prihoda-Rogers, and Mark Mikulin.

Habitat Home Cookers:

Our cook team represents Fayette County Habitat for Humanity at numerous public and private events in support of our mission to build homes, communities, and hope. From the Schulenburg Sausage Festival to our Casserole Fundraisers, and our Annual Beer Release party at La Grange Brewing Co., this team makes supporting Habitat tasty opportunity.

Members include; Kyle Hartmann, David McCall, Eric Green, Jill Stueber, Mary Behal, Khalil Coltrain, Marissa Anderson, Michael Anderson, Julie Couch, and Kenny Couch.

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