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Habitat Skydive Event April 17th

By: Jessica Montez

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is Fayette County Habitat for Humanity! On April 17 Fayette County Habitat for Humanity will have its inagural Skydiving Fundraiser at the Fayette County Fairgrounds.

So why skydiving? Executive Director of Fayette County Habitat for Humanity and creator of this exciting fundraiser Kenny Couch said, “While this is a fun event, I do hope it gives participants a chance to look upon our community from a different perspective. Habitat is a parachute for many struggling families across America. Our organization is able to use decent, affordable housing as a catalyst for improvement in the lives of the families we serve and the communities they live in. Our partner families find better health, more financial freedom, independence, stability, and security that far too many families in our community simply cannot achieve without a helping hand. The need for safe, decent housing is immense and the lasting impact it can have on the families we serve is undeniable.”

Each jumper must collect a donation of $750 which will all go towards Fayette County Habitat for Humanity. Twenty jumpers are the goal and as of now five spots are still available and the final two spots will be raffled off. One will be raffled off at Hank’s Express and a second spot will be raffled at The UPS Store, both in La Grange. Each chance is $10 and each spot will have 100 tickets.

Jumpers signed up so far are;

Kenny Couch

Mel Burgess

Jeff Wick

Georgina Hudspeth

Julie Couch

Melanie Ramirez

Joe Johnson

Michael Johnson

Dennis Tousek

Marissa Meier

Craig Moreau

Michael Schlabach

Ben Sustr

Devan Taylor

Donations can be made to anyone skydiving or directly to Fayette County Habitat for Humanity. Also, the person who raises the most money will be given a $100 gift card to Hank’s Express and all participants will be given a skydiving shirt.

Everything you will ever want is on the other side of fear so now is your chance to stand, or in this case jump, at the chance to be on the other side of fear so contact Habitat by emailing them at and join or sponsor your other fellow Fayette County residents and go ahead and JUMP!


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