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Habitat Skydive 2022!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

By: Kenny Couch

We're excited to announce our Rost of jumpers for 2022! As of writing this we still have 3 spots open, so if you're excited reach out to us to sign up! Name are linked to their personal donation portal so be sure to click and support your friends and family!

Habitat Skydive 2022 Roster:

Ben Sustr

Ben Madison

Brent Lowe

Pastor Chris Little

Craig Moreau

Dustin Greenwood

Heather Bartholme

Jessica Montez

Joe Johnson

Joseph Elston

Julie Couch

Justin Laslie

Kara Koether

Karen Walpole Kyle Adams

Melody McKee

Michael Johnson

Pete Quitta

Quenten Gonzalez

Rachel Genzer

Richard Drake

Susannah Mikulin

Teresa Stanley

Pastor Will Martin

Everything you will ever want is on the other side of fear so now is your chance to stand, or in

this case jump, at the chance to be on the other side of fear so contact Habitat by emailing them

at and join or sponsor your other fellow Fayette County residents

and go ahead and JUMP!

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