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Gifting In-Kind

By generously providing in-kind gifts such as building materials, labor, and other essential project necessities, not only do you help us cut down on construction and administrative costs, but you also make a direct and significant impact on the lives of our partner families. Additionally, your generous contributions have the power to transform lives, one home at a time.

Furthermore, we wholeheartedly welcome donations of materials from excess inventory or overstock. Alongside that, the professional expertise, labor, and other project support offered by corporate, retail, and other enterprises are warmly embraced. Regardless of the nature of your contribution, be assured that it is always valued and appreciated.

If you are ready to make a difference by donating your materials or lending your valuable skills to Fayette County Habitat for Humanity, we encourage you to reach out to our Donation Coordinator, Helen Achilles. She can be reached at 210-816-0942 or simply click here to send her an email. Your generosity holds immeasurable potential to transform lives, one home at a time!

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